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Dennerle NanoCube Complete Plus - Aquarium Set - 30 liter

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The German Dennerle Nano Cube series have opened a new dimension in the aquarium hobby. This is a very good quality rimless tank, with rounded edges at the front. It is ideal for beginners. The 10-30 liter nano aquariums are ideal for any environments - kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms or even bedrooms. The tank is also widely used in offices. Lean back and enjoy the charming world of nano aquariums.

Green Aqua will manufacture any custom aquarium-size upon request. Contact us! Please not that we can only replace aquariums damaged during shipping if you file a signed damage form - completed with the shipping agent.

Set Contents

  • 30x30x35 cm aquarium (W x D x H) - 30 liters

  • Black rear-panel foil

  • Black Polifoam pad - heat insulating safety pad

  • Removable glass top

  • 2W Nano interior corner-filter with spray-bar

  • Compact tube Nano Lamp, 11W, 6000K

  • Black Sulawesi Shrimp Gravel general substrate 2 kg (2 bags)

  • DeponitMix - base layer fertilizing substrate 1 kg (2 boxes)

  • Nano Thermometer

  • Shrimp food (complimentary)

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The German-made Dennere Scaper's Tank series has opened a new dimension in the world of aquariums. The Dennerle aquarium sets will fit well in all environments, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms or even bedrooms. This aquarium is also highly popular in offices. Lean back and enjoy the ultimate nano world!

Important Notes

The small-sized nano aquariums are fragile ecosystems. It is very important for you to change at least 30-50% of the water weekly and never overpopulate your tank. We recommend you to keep beautiful freshwater shrimp or nano fish in this tank. Green Aqua info page: Shrimp in the Aquarium. You are also advised to install a CO2 system for better plant health and growth.

Setting up the NanoCube tank

  • 1. Choose the right location! Find a relatively dark spot – in a corner, for example. Direct sunlight should be avoided – it may lead to algae formation and overheating. Before you begin, rinse the aquarium out with warm tap water (no detergents).
  • 2. The black decorative foil provided can be stuck onto the back of the Nano Cube. Now place the aquarium with the safety underlay on a smooth, horizontal surface of adequate load-bearing capacity.
  • 3. Pour in the DeponitMix base layer fertilizing substrate. Nano DeponitMix provides the foundation for lush plant growth. It supplies aquarium plants with vital nutrients through the roots. Nano DeponitMix has been developed specifically for the sensitive situation regarding nutrients in mini-aquaria. It forms the bottom bed layer, of approx. 2 cm in height.
  • 4. Cover the base layer fertilizing substrate with a roughly 3 cm layer of thoroughly washed Shrimps Gravel Bed. In addition to its attractive appearance, this fine gravel also prevents food residues from disappearing between the grains of gravel and contaminating the water unnecessarily. Available in the natural-look colours Sulawesi black and Borneo brown.
  • 5. Position the harscape (sold separately), and arrange the decorative items to your taste. Ensure that the stones are suitable for aquaria: They should be water-neutral and must not release any undesired substances such as lime or dangerous heavy metals. Use only special aquarium root wood. Fresh wood is unsuitable, as it will rot. Crayfish, crabs and shrimps require adequate hiding places and retreats, particularly during moulting.
  • 6. Wet the substrate and start planting. Plants are sold separately. Around 80% of the bed should be covered with plants at the beginning. Fast-growing stem plants are ideal for this purpose – algae will then have virtually no chance right from the outset.
  • 7. Slowly fill the aquarium with tap water (or RO-water) at a temperature of around 20 °C. Place a flat plate in the aquarium and pour the water in slowly over this plate, to avoid swirling up the bed. Add Nano Water Conditioner to the tap water beforehand (2 drops per l of fresh water), in order to neutralise dangerous constituents such as chlorine and heavy metals.
  • 8. Place the compact Nano corner filter in one of the rear corners of the aquarium Against the black background and behind a few stem plants it will later be almost invisible. The filter should be on all the time.
  • 9. Fit the cover panel.
  • 10. Now fit the attachable Nano Light. The aquarium should be used with the cover panel fitted at all times, in order to prevent the shrimps from possibly jumping out of the aquarium and to reduce evaporation of the water.
  • 11. Switch on the Light and the filter. You are ready with the setup.
  • 12. Make sure that you change at least 30-50% water every day for the first week, then every second day for the second week. Long-term water changing regime should be at least once-a-week. This should take about 15 minutes! Feed shrimp and fish and fertilize plants daily.
  • 13. Introduce the livestock only after two weeks of cycling. Please note that there are water treating agents that allow for introduction of fish and shrimp on the second day.


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NameDennerle NanoCube Complete Plus - Aquarium Set - 30 liter

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