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Dennerle Lily Pipe - Scaper Flow 5790

Dennerle Lily pipe for Scapers Flow 5790 for gentle water flow.

Size: 16/22 (also can be used for 12/16)

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Dennerle Lily Pipe for Scapers Flow 5790 newly developed lily pipe fulfils all the requirements:

Rotates flexibly through 180°. This allows optimum alignment of the water flow. It is also vertically adjustable (max. 10 mm) to adapt to the water level.

Daytime position: if the filter is connected to the bottom catch, the lily pipe outlet is completely under water. Thanks to its fanned out shape, the lily pipe also creates a gentle, natural, plant-friendly water flow that supports moderate gas exchange. This means the CO2 needed by the plants is not excessively driven out.

Night time position: by raising the top clip the lily pipe is not fully under water. This creates a small whirlpool that removes any possible mould residue and introduces additional oxygen into the aquarium.

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Name Dennerle Lily Pipe - Scaper Flow 5790
SKU 5793-44
Manufacturer Dennerle