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Dennerle Shrimp King 5 Leaf Mix 45g

The sinkable , water-stable micro-loops form a purely vegetarian vegetable snack is an ideal supplement to the main feed. consists of a mixture of 50 % yellow and 50% Pea loops Maulbeer-/Walnussblatt-Loops . The loops having an outer diameter of about 5 mm and a length of about 3-5 mm. Peas are characterized by a lot of valuable ingredients , including vitamins, essential amino acids , minerals and bioactive substances such as saponins , Phenolic acids and flavones . Shrimpking premium king prawn shrimp feed pea walnut mulberry leaves mulberry leaves are true power - leaves, very rich in essential vitamins, fatty acids , minerals and phytochemicals . They provide plenty of calcium , which is excellent bioavailability . This strengthens the tanks of shrimp, but would also snails need calcium for their housing. Walnut leaves contain a variety of phytochemicals , in particular tannins and humic acids , which can affect the immune system and health of the shrimp positive. To the delight of the beholder : shrimp love the taste of these loops seem very attractive - because they pounce on it with enthusiasm ! You often see single shrimp scurrying around , just trying to get "their" safety loop in order to eat it in peace.

Contents: 45g

Feeding recommendation: Several times a week about 1 loop of 10 shrimp. Remove uneaten food after 6 hours .

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Analysis: 32.8 % crude protein , 3.2 % fat , 6.3% crude fiber, 7.5 % ash , 5.5% moisture , 1.49 % calcium , 0.06% sodium, 0.3 % phosphorus , 0.24% magnesium

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Name Dennerle Shrimp King 5 Leaf Mix 45g
SKU 6068-44
Manufacturer Dennerle