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Dennerle Eleocharis pusilla PAD (9x9)

Eleocharis pusilla is a species that allows you to easily get a lawn, very low and compact . The Pads are portions of lawn 9x9cm already anchored on the retina of Steel (which does not oxidize). You need no longer to use tweezers, simply place them directly on the substrate and to obtain a lawn from Immediately !

Family: Cyperaceae
Genus: Eleocharis
Native to: Australia, New-Zeland
Area/height: foreground, 2-6 cm
Light: low-high
Temperature: 12 - 26°C
Growth: slow pH: 5 - 7
Water hardness:  very soft to hard
CO2: none-high
Propagation: carpeting plant

This is the most popular aquascping foreground carpeting plant. Suitable for non-CO2 tanks as well. Under low-light conditions it tends to grow higher. With regular trimming and high-lighting it can be kept at 2-3 cm height. Fresh, light-green coloured.

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The dwarf spike rush, Eleocharis pusilla, is native to Australia and New Zealand and inhabits wetlands with different water levels. In contrast to Eleocharis acicularis, the growth height is significantly shorter, usually only a few centimetres high. Another distinguishing feature are the light green, slightly curved stems of the dwarf spikerush. This grass grows best in cooler water, it cannot tolerate permanently high temperatures over 25° C. This delicate beauty is extremely well suited to stone layouts in the Iwagumi style, for the creation of a fresh "summer meadow". Like Echidonorus acicularis, the dwarf spikerush can also be cut well back, which makes the plant even denser and more compact


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Name Dennerle Eleocharis pusilla PAD (9x9)
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Manufacturer Dennerle
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