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Dennerle Cryptocoryne wendtii Green

Family: Araceae
Origin: Asia
Height: 5-10+ cm
Width: 8-10 cm
Light demands: low - high
Temperature: 20-30 °C
Water hardness: soft - hard
pH: 5,5-9
Growth speed: mid

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This Cryptocoryne has been one of the most popular aquarium plants for decades. A robust nature and fantastic adaptability make these plants almost mandatory for any beginner's underwater landscape. Whether as a cluster in a small Nano Cube or flat cushion plants in a larger show aquarium, this Cryptocoryne combines an optimum growth habit with a highly attractive appearance! These plants stay much smaller with good lighting.

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Name Dennerle Cryptocoryne wendtii Green
SKU 411-44
Manufacturer Dennerle
Color Green
Növény típusa Easy
Akvárium típusa Low Light - Low Tech