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Dennerle Crypocoryne spiralis

Genus : Cryptocoryne
Species : spiralis
Family : Araceae
Native to : India, Bangladesh
Area/Height : Background, up to 70 cm
Light : high – medium
Temperature : 22 – 28°C
Growth : moderate
pH : 5 - 8
Water hardness : very soft to hard
CO2 : 5 to 30 mg/l
Propagation : Runners

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Cryptocoryne spiralis

Cryptocoryne spiralis is a low-maintenance water trumpet for the background. The leaves are linear with partly ruffled edges. The fresh green colour provides a wonderful contrast to the colourful background plants such as Alternantheras or Ludwigias. Due to its height, this species is recommendable for aquaria from 100 cm. Provide for nutrient-rich substrate and sufficient CO2-supply in order to guarantee lush growth. The sometimes encountered “Crypt melt” does not occur with this variety.


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Name Dennerle Crypocoryne spiralis
SKU 30140-44
Manufacturer Dennerle
Növény típusa Medium
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