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Dennerle Cabomba aquatica

Family: Cabombaceae
Origin: South-Amrica
Height: -50cm
Light demands: high
Temperature: 20-27°C
Water hardness: soft
pH: 6-7
Growth speed: fast

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Slender-tipped aquatic plant from South America that needs a lot of light. The leaf blades look like feathered fans, giving this plant an extremely graceful appearance. Soft water is absolutely essential for successful cultivation. If the tops of any shoots reach the water’s surface, it is possible that the plant will produce small floating leaves and yellow flowers. This stem plant should be planted in a group of several stems. Combine Cambomba aquatica with the large leaves of the Echinodorus as an attractive contrast.
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Name Dennerle Cabomba aquatica
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Manufacturer Dennerle
Color Green
Növény típusa Medium
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