Dennerle Bucephalandra spec. 'Wavy Leaf'

Family: Araceae
Origin: Borneo
Height: 5cm
Width: 3-5 cm
Light demands: low
Temperature: 20-28 °C
Water hardness: lágy - közepesen kemény
pH: 5-8
Growth speed: very slow

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A new genus takes aquatics by storm! The endemic genus Bucephalandra is only found in Borneo and like the Cryptocorynes and Anubias it belongs to the arum family. The exact scientific definition is currently very uncertain, so we get the name of this variety from the habit of the plant. Bucephalandra species are epiphytes and should therefore be attached to stones and roots. The 'Wavy Leaf' variety grows especially vigorously and is a decorative beauty. An ideal plant for Nano Cubes!

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Name Dennerle Bucephalandra spec. 'Wavy Leaf'
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Manufacturer Dennerle
Color Green
Növény típusa Easy
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