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Den Braven Aqua-Silicone - Black

Zwaluw Aqua-Silicone is a safe, high modulus, one-component, silicone sealant designed for the construction of fresh water aquaria and seawater aquaria. After application the silicone cures with atmospheric moisture to form a durable rubber seal.





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Application areas
Zwaluw Aqua-Silicone can be used as an adhesive and sealant for full-glass constructions as aquaria and terrariums. Between glass Façade panels in buildings. The product has an excellent adhesion to glass, without a primer. Zwaluw Aqua-Silicone in non toxic to fish when fully cured. For selecting the glass-thickness of the sides and
the bottom of the fish tank we refer to DIN 32622. As a joint thickness between the sides and between the sides and the bottom, 1 to 2 mm is advised. Finish internal angels as a triangular joint of 3 to 5 mm depending on the water level. The sealant must be fully cured, curing time op to 1 week, before it can be transported or filled with water.
After curing of the sealant, rinse the aquarium several times with water, before put into use. Not recommended for aquaria for aquaria bigger then 1000 litres and-or higher then 60 cm. Glass to glass joints might contain small air bubbles that stay visible after curing.

 310 ml

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Name Den Braven Aqua-Silicone - Black
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Manufacturer GreenWorks
Color Black