Tropica Crinum thaianum

Origin: - Thailand
Type: - Bulbs and tubers
Growth: - Medium
Height: - 60 cm - 200 cm
Width: - 20 cm - 25 cm
Light demands: - 0.25 Watt per liter
CO2 demands: - 3-5 mg per liter

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Crinum thaianum from Thailand is a distinctive bulbous plant belonging to the lily family having 60-200 cm long leaves. It is undemanding apart from the fact that it needs plenty of space. Plant so the top 2/3 of the bulb is visible, because otherwise the bulb tends to rot. When the plant grows older it sometimes sends a flower stem up to the water surface with an aromatic, elegant lily flower. Herbivorous fish leave it alone due to its tough leaves. In Thailand the bulb is used in a cream used to soften the skin. It is also suitable for indoor ponds.
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Name Tropica Crinum thaianum
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Manufacturer Tropica
Color Green
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