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BroadLink MP1 Smart Wifi Socket Plug with 4 outlet

You can replace all your separate timers running your technical background of your aquarium with one programmable surge protector! Thew Broadlink MP1 smart surge protector has 4 sockets for any desired on/off timing. This way you can program your lights, CO2 system, airpump, skimmer or any other device without having a single timer for all of them.


Broadlink MP1 power strip is smart WiFi control plug for daily use. With 4 individual outlets, MP1 allows you control each socket outlet independently, it can meet your different needs. You can control them easily by the Broadlink App or manually, and also support timer function, make them work as your wish.

Main Features:

•Mobile phone remote control, connects to the internet through WiFi network and controls the power of home appliances, smart phones or other devices can control the switch of socket at any place where network is available

•LED indicator: With downy light at night, easy to notice

•Timer function: Support 16 groups timing set, separate timing for different device

• Set up the time, the household appliances will automatically turn on / off, easy to control

Google Play Store: E-control App

AppStore: E-control App

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How to configure the devices?

1) Make sure your smartphone is connected to your Wi-Fi network;

2) Switch the device to configuration mode (refer to FAQ 1-1);

3) Open the app, tap the “+” icon on top right corner and then choose “Add device”;

4) In the configuration page, the Wi-Fi SSID should be filled automatically and you just need to input the password of your Wi-Fi network to start the configuration.



• Overload protection, safe to use

• You can remote control your appliance / device in your phone, charging becomes so easy

• Suitable for phone, charger, kettle, fan, TV, lamp, cooker, etc.

• Support WiFi network, and 3G / 4G remote control

• Wireless type: Support IEEE 802.11b/g/n

•High temperature resistant, 750 degree high temperature fire resistant material, safe to use

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Name BroadLink MP1 Smart Wifi Socket Plug with 4 outlet
Manufacturer Green Aqua