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Aquarium Fish

When and how much should we feed our fish?

When and how much should we feed our fish?

The question in the title often arises in the minds of novice fish keepers. Of course, not unreasonably, since we are used to eating three times a day and even eating snacks here and there. Do we do good to our fish by feeding them when they are staring at us with their hungry-looking eyes every time we look at the aquarium? We want to point out right away that we don't! Unfortunately, even though our fish are swimming up and down with their noses pressed against the glass begging for more food, we reassure you that we are doing good to them by only feeding them one, up to two times a day. Our underwater friends are able to consume far more food than they actually need. As a result, quickly eaten food is emptied swiftly as well.

This is detrimental in several ways. Obesity in fish is as prone to cause disease as it is in humans. Another important reason why we cannot pamper our fish to death is that we also significantly damage the quality of the water by overfeeding. Food that falls into the water, possibly not digested yet, is trapped between the stones and begins to decompose. It can cause algae growth, but in more drastic cases, the lives of our fish are also endangered by the sudden decay of fish food. So only feed moderate amounts and make sure to always keep your fish on a careful diet!

Until we can assess the exact dose, it is worth giving a very small amount at a time. If this is consumed in a matter of seconds and not a piece has reached the ground, but pretty much every fish has gotten a bite, we are doing good. In this case, wait a little for each fish to "swallow" the last bite and then you can give a little more. That's it. From this article we can find out what types of dry foods are there and what kind of feed does each kind of fish need.

The next big question is when. The best answer to this is that it doesn’t matter, whenever we have a little time to spend in front of the aquarium and admire this exciting underwater world. However, it is an interesting observation that fish also have a sense of time and if we feed them at the same time every day, after a few weeks we will find that they will be waiting in one corner of the aquarium. It is also worth trying to tap the tank carefully before each feeding. After a while they’ll come out to the knocking, no matter when we feed.

"Do I have to feed the fish every day?" is also one of the most frequently asked questions. You can feed them every day, but more importantly, the fish tolerate fasting very well. So, if you miss a few days, or maybe even a week (I’m thinking of shorter vacations here) then they'll easily survive through it. If we can, we should use the relatively cheap fish feeders instead of the lady next-door. These gadgets can even be programmed for multiple feeds per day and the amount dispensed will be a lot more precise, than what our neighbor is capable of.

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