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Top 3 Algae-Eaters for Small-Sized Aquariums

Top 3 Algae-Eaters for Small-Sized Aquariums

Small-sized aquariums can obviously host a limited number of fish or other livestock. The best way to prevent overpopulation in nano tanks is to choose small but effective algae eaters.

Amano shrimp - Caridina multidentata

Amano shrimp - Caridina multidentata

The name comes from the famous aquarist Takashi Amano, the founder of the ADA (Aqua Design Amano) brand. Amano shrimp have a relatively uncharacteristic appearance but are tireless algae eaters. If we introduce enough shrimp into the aquarium, they can work wonders in getting rid of the algae in a few days! Keep about 5-6 Amano shrimp per every 30 liters.

Macrotocinclus Affinis (old name: Otocinclus Affinis)

Macrotocinclus Affinis - Otocinclus Affinis

Macrotocinclus Affinis can be a handy and exciting fish for aquascapers and regular fish keepers. It is a helpful creature because it consumes a significant amount of algae, like brown algae. They are considered hard workers and are likely to be found in almost every planted aquarium. As they are shoaling fish, it is advisable to keep several together. They can also be easily kept in small aquariums due to their size. The males will reach a maximum length of 3-4 cm, while the females – with a chubbier stature – are 4-5 cm long. Like the bristlenose catfish (Ancistrus), the Macrotocinclus Affinis will also like some wood in the aquarium. They prefer to graze on wood as fiber is essential to their digestion. Keep about 3-4 Otos per every 30 liters.

Horned Nerite Snail – Clithon Corona

Horned Nerite Snail – Clithon Corona

The Clithon Corona (Horned Nerite Snail) is one of the most beautiful species of small-sized snails that can be kept in an aquarium. The name comes from the horn-like hump located at the back of its shell. These snails comes in wide varieties of patterns. Its primary color ranges from yellow through golden brown to black, with straight black stripes or zigzags. The horned nerite snail is a great algae eater, its favorite dish is green and brown algae, but it is pretty effective against black brush algae too. They do not cause any harm to healthy plants, making them the perfect inhabitant of planted aquariums. They multiply by laying eggs that do not hatch in freshwater. Some people may find these spots of eggs visually distracting, but not having undesirable offspring is a pro. Keep about 10-12 Horned Nerite snails per every 30 liters.

It is a good idea to keep all three algae eaters together since, interestingly complete each other’s ability to get rid of the algae in an aquarium. If one does not prefer particular algae, the other will consume it. In this way, we can keep our aquarium algae-free long-term.

Planted aquarium with algae eaters

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