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Aquarium Plants Plant Fertilizer

There's a red plant for your aquarium as well

There's a red plant for your aquarium as well

In the store, we frequently meet the problem that newcomers are worried about using red plants. It could happen because of the conflicting information on the internet or previously failed attempts; I don't know exactly.

These days, many aquarium plants are available, almost everyone can find a plant to succeed with. All you have to do is choose the right one. We do recommend plants for your aquarium lighting.

Red aquarium plants are real eye-catching ones. If such a plant is in the aquarium, it attracts the eye almost like a magnet. You can use more of them or just a little to give a little contrast to the layout.

Nymphaea lotus - Green Aqua

There are different red aquarium plants, from larger leafy versions to delicate and more demanding species. And aquarium size is not a problem anymore. You will find options for your nano aquariums the same as for a larger one.

Low-demanding aquarium plants with red colors

It is enough to focus on plant nutrients for low-demanding plants that are easier to keep. Choose a plant fertilizer that is low in nitrates. Add iron supplements regularly, and it is helpful to support the plant's roots with a substrate or root sticks. These aquarium plants do not require intense lighting either. A general aquarium set light unit will work well with regular plant fertilizers.

Green Aqua növényes akvárium

Red aquarium plants for CO2 and intense lighting

With CO2 dosing and intense light, you can choose almost any plant for your layout. Here, it is worth noting that the use of bright, powerful lights also increases the nutrient requirements of your plants. We need to find a balance so that there are no nutrient problems by limiting nitrate. It is advisable to add a little nitrate 2-3 times a week in addition to lean fertilizers.

Green Aqua - növényes akvárium

Which lights will work the best for red plants?

Recently available aquarium-led lights elevate the colors of red plants much more than previously used fluorescent lamps or first-generation, yellowish LEDs. We use almost only these above our aquariums. However, in aquarium sets, we still see daylight-type LEDs that favor the green colors.

Green Aqua növényes akvárium

How long will it take for my plant to turn red?

Most red aquarium plants come with green leaves from the plant nursery. The plant grown above water looks different. Will change leaves underwater, and the leaves will turn red due to added nutrients and light. For this reason, a red plant typically needs 2-4 months before it reaches its final shape and color. For stem plants, it is necessary to replant the upper, redder shoots after pruning. They usually get the most beautiful form after 3-4 trimming and replanting.

Ludwigia Super Red

Why doesn't my plant turn red?

The intensity of the lighting or the duration time is insufficient. Try increasing the lighting period by 1-2 hours and observe the changes.

If you use a plant fertilizer rich in nitrate, the plant will turn greenish, orange instead of red. Here, it's a good idea to dose less as a first step, and if that doesn't help, switch to another fertilizer for your current layout. If possible, with a low or no nitrate content. We need to be patient tho. The vivid deep red colors you see in photos takes time. Do not expect a similar appearance after 2-3 weeks.

Hard to find the perfect plants?

If you need help with plant selection, please get in touch with our customer service, and we will be happy to help.

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