The calming effect of aquariums

From the side of science

British scientists are constantly studying how to make people’s everyday lives calmer and reduce sources of stress. Science has found that aquariums are helpful for the physiological and mental state of people. They discovered that the greater the diversity of living things, the more colorful the fish, the more significant the impact on health and mood.

In England, they observed at a 550,000-liter exhibition aquarium, watching underwater lights is for visitors was relaxing. The more fish were in, the more decreasing blood pressure and heart rate values ​​were measured, confirming the positive physiological effects.

The study highlighted how reassuring the impact aquariums could be in medical practices, dentistry, where people tend to be more stressed.

Time spent in nature has a significant stress-relieving effect, and the same is valid for watching aquariums. In dissolving the work atmosphere, the crowded city life, a beautiful aquarium can provide an oasis of relaxation, let’s make our lives better!