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Nano aquariums, miniature fish tanks for all generations

Nano aquariums, miniature fish tanks for all generations

Since childhood, we have had a curiosity with us, the desire to discover the World. We looked at snails, beetles, leaves, and other wonders of nature with a magnifying glass. Perhaps that is why nano aquariums are also very popular these days in our hobby.

Nano aquariums, the perfect tiny little world.

It is no coincidence that nano aquariums have become so popular in recent years. The aquarium takes up little space, can be made on a low budget, and it’s up to us what an exciting miniature world we dream of in it, with a little shrimp, a nice beta fish, some nano fish, or just plants and decorations on its own. Maybe run it even without water!

Nano aquariums Green Aqua

Some of our nano aquariums

More nano aquariums


Aquarium decoration for nano aquariums

More aquarium decorations


Utricularia graminifolia

These products were used for the aquarium:

Tipp: Do you have a large aquarium? The above items can still be helpful. With these tiny plants, you can make the layout even more detailed.

Nano aquarium lights, filters, heaters

There is plenty of equipment available for nano aquariums today. They are perfect companions for small aquariums in size and possible placement. We don’t have to compromise anymore. The available products these days offer more intense light or better filtration.

Dennerle nano aquarium - Green Aqua

These products were used for the aquarium:

Nano aquarium accessories

You can further expand your existing nano aquarium with a yeast CO2 system, glass, acrylic, and metal filter piping.

ADA Mini M nano aquarium - Green Aqua

Do you need help with your nano aquarium?

If you need help, please get in touch with our customer service, and we will be happy to help.


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