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Help! Algae is almost everywhere! What can I do?

Help! Algae is almost everywhere! What can I do?

There isn't more annoying feeling that instead of a beautiful aquarium, we see only algae and constant maintenance. It is becoming increasingly hopeless to fix the terrible conditions.

And doesn't help spiritually either, that we were fixed a week ago, and looks as if we haven't done anything :)​

OK, let's do this once more! In the meantime, please check our algae guide if you haven't done so yet.

Prevention with algae eaters

They work every day, without days off

You should introduce them two weeks after the start. The diverse team will cope with most algae varieties, so we definitely recommend using at least 2-3 types of algae eaters together.

Algae eaters consume algae. Therefore, in the case of algae aquariums, it is essential not to feed them separately. If the aquarium is entirely algae-free, we can keep them in shape with food specifically for them.

A suggested number of pieces is indicated in the table due to quantities. For all aquariums under 30 liters, please use only shrimps.

Algae eaters, fish, shrimp and snails

The recommended number of algae eaters for your planted aquarium.
Amano shrimp 6pcs / 30 L
Sakura Shrimp "Red" 30pcs / 30 L
Otocinclus affinis 3pcs / 60 L
Siamese Algae Eater 1pcs / 60 L
Horned Nerite Snail 4pcs / 30 L
Zebra Nerite 3pcs / 60 L

Keep in mind!

Balance is the key to success!

650L aquarium with Angels

Use larger filtration for intense lighting or a densely planted or stocked aquarium. Fluctuating or insufficient CO2 levels are almost certain to lead to problems. Lack of nutrients causes stress in the plants, which eventually leads to the algae. Choose fish and plants that match the water temperature!

It is vital not to over-stock the aquarium and feed too much. This puts too much pressure on the filtration system.

For a while, these can be fixed by increasing the number of algae eaters and do frequent maintenance, but sooner or later, control slips out of our hands, and problems come.

Regular maintenance

Easier to prevent the problem than to deal with it later

Aquarium maintenance with Green Aqua

Regular maintenance is necessary even if the aquarium is in perfect condition. A 30-50% water change is necessary to maintain ideal condition during weekly water changes.

During maintenance, pay attention to the cleanliness of CO2 diffusers, atomizers, and filter pipes. The fine filter wool in the filter is preferably replaced monthly. With filter maintenances, make sure you also grease the sealings to avoid a problem in the future.

For brighter spaces, a UV light is highly recommended. This prevents the appearance of green water.

Blackout - hit hard the enemy

An efficient method against the algae without chemicals

Blackout a natural method against algae without chemicals

It doesn’t eliminate all the problems, but we can handle the current algae invasion with it. All this without using any chemicals, algaecides. 5 days dark cure is really effective. This kills most algae species.

The essence of the method, in short, is to wrap the aquarium out of light. Black foil, cardboard, blankets, anything can be used for this purpose. The aquarium lights are turned off for 5 days. There is no feeding and CO2, and only the filter runs continuously during treatment. In the end, a water change is recommended to remove dead algae and organic waste.

We must take the right steps after the dark cure so that the algae doesn't surprise us again after a few weeks, for example, by increasing the number of algae eaters.

60L aquarium with only red plants - Green Aqua

The water is cloudy?

If the water is brown or milky

The water can be brownish from the decorations in it or from other dirt. This can be quickly improved with the help of a special water resin such as Purigen. If the water is milky, opaque, we recommend flocculants. These collect particles that are barely visible to the naked eye and remove them quickly using your filter.

These aren’t specifically algae-related cases, but they can be at least as annoying for weeks.

60 literes akvárium - Green Aqua

Do you have a hard time with your aquarium?

If you need advice on running your current aquarium, please get in touch with our customer service, and we will be happy to help.

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