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2023 Gift ideas for Aquascapers, Aquarists, or those who would like to become one

2023 Gift ideas for Aquascapers, Aquarists, or those who would like to become one

All we need is – love – how true, but for now, you would be thrilled to have an idea of what gift you can give to a beloved person who is an aquascaper, or aquarist, or wants to become one. This article offers a way to free yourself from your worry of not finding a suitable gift for your loved one with such a unique hobby. We present you with some aquarium-related gifts from different price ranges, which we believe can bring joy to the recipient.

Green Aqua T-Shirt

Gifts That Are Small, Useful, Or Both

Towel – A helpful accessory for any aquascaper and aquarist. Everyone has one at home, but a special towel for the aquarium may not. Practical towels for aquarium use have a comfortable size and a snap hook for easy attachment.

CO2 Bubble Counter Fluid – This high-viscosity, non-toxic and transparent fluid is a filling for CO2 bubble counters instead of using just water. The Green Aqua CO2 Bubble Counter Fluid stays long-term, and water must be refilled regularly, which can be inconvenient. Brand new at Green Aqua, the solution is now available in vibrant red, green, and blue colors. A prerequisite for this gift to be immediately valuable is that the recipient operates or soon will operate a CO2 system with a bubble counter!

Green Aqua Shop - Fish Food

EHEIM Multibox – A practical container that can hang on the aquarium rim during maintenance work. It can be used for many purposes, such as plant cuttings, waste, wet items, and for hanging tools that are in use. Further, the EHEIM Multibox is an ideal accommodation box for acclimating livestock to their new environment. It can be a good gift for someone starting with the aquarium hobby.

Wi-Fi Smart Socket – Except for the aquarium filter, there are hardly any technical devices in the freshwater aquarium that run 24/7 a week. Many devices are only switched on for a certain period. For this purpose, classic analog timers are still used in some cases. Compared to these, a Wi-Fi Socket is very reliable and comfortable. Furthermore, it can be operated via an app from a smart device—a cool gadget for every aquarium hobbyist who likes intelligent devices.

Gift Guide

When It Should Be Something More Stylish

Scissors & Pinsettes – Tools for aquarium use are a stylish and suitable gift, whether for a newbie or a veteran. They are always needed when setting up an aquarium or with regular maintenance. Quality has its price, by all means. The high-end products from ADA are the non-plus ultra in the Aquascaping scene. And honestly, the Scissors & Pinsettes from ADA are by far the best. If you want to give a special gift to an aquascaper, then grab ADA Scissors or Pinsettes. However, there are also more pricey but good alternatives for aquarium tools from other brands. Tip: The DOOA Scissors & Pinsettes show an excellent price-performance ratio.

Filter Inlet & Outlet – These parts are often well visible in the aquarium because they must transport the aquarium water to the filter and vice versa. Aquascapers like to use beautifully designed inlets and outlets made of stainless steel, glass, or acrylic, preferably in a matching set of two. Meanwhile, there is a wide range in this section and the following you should know for making a proper choice:

  • How high is the aquarium glass?

Decisive to choose the right height/size of the In- and Outlet.

  • What diameter has the hoe of the filter unit?

You need to know the inner and outer diameter of the filter hoe (e.g., 12/16 or 16/22). That is important to choose the right diameter size of In- and Outlet. The diameter specifications can also be found in most product descriptions for filter inlets and outlets.

  • Does the beloved person have an open-top aquarium?

If so, then have fun choosing a filter In- and Outlet. Only in covered-top aquariums the beautiful design variants are not particularly suitable. They can hardly not be placed at the edge of such covered aquariums.

Wabi Kusa

Wabi-Kusa Sets – Here is a brief introduction for those who have never heard of Wabi-Kusa. It comes from Japan and is based on the concept of Wabi-Sabi. Wabi-Kusa is a decorative arrangement of aquatic plants in a suitable container, usually made of glass. At its core, it's about perceiving beauty in the simple and the imperfect and about creative engagement with nature. Most aquarium plants can thrive above water (emersed), yet they require high humidity.

DOOA Wabi Kusa

For this reason, stylish Wabi-Kusa sets provide excellent conditions for the emersed plant arrangement and look stunning. Tremendous and trendy gift! We recommend a Wabi-Kusa set for aquascapers, all aquarists who like to keep plants in their aquariums, and all plant lovers (i.e., the "normal ones" without an aquarium).

Dennerle nano aquarium

Gifts for the beginner

Nano Aquarium – A Nano Aquarium is, without question, a superb gift. We don't want to curb the enthusiasm, but we also see it as our duty to point out that such a gift should be well-considered. An aquarium or aquascape is beautiful and vividly brings nature into our home. However, this also comes with the responsibility for the living creatures that may move into the aquarium. If you are considering giving an aquarium as a gift, please answer the following questions for yourself:

  • Has the person clearly expressed the desire to own an aquarium?
  • Is it conceivable that the person is able or willing to take care of the aquarium at least once a week (for about 0.5 - 1.0 hours), even for an extended period?
  • Ongoing costs such as electricity, water, fish food, and plant fertilizer also exist with an aquarium. These are relatively low for a nano aquarium but still exist. Would the person be willing to bear these regular costs (for a low-tech 30-liter Nano Cube, about EUR 6-10 per month)?

If you were able to answer YES to all the questions, it seems your pet is ready for an aquarium. Are you still unsure? It would be much better if you could clarify whether an aquarium is considered before purchasing.

Dennerle Nano Aquarium

Water Tests – The correct water parameters are very crucial for the smooth operation of an aquarium.

Every beginner goes through an enormous learning process, especially during the first weeks and months. And during this process, water tests can help to understand the aquarium and its complex biological ecosystem. We recommend drop tests as they can provide the most accurate results. The most important water parameters to test at the beginning are KH, pH, NH3/NH4, and NO2. You can choose from single test kits, pre-selected water test kits, or a combination. It is highly recommended for newcomers!

For Long Time Aquarists & Aquascapers

Wabi-Kusa Glass – Especially for "the long-timers" who probably own some aquarium equipment, a single Wabi-Kusa glass without extras could be a valuable gift. Quite possible that a discarded lamp can be taken out of the box and reactivated for a Wabi-Kusa. It is recommended to use an artificial light source over a Wabi-Kusa. Thus, you have set the impulse with the gift. Getting the other necessary ingredients for a Wabi-Kusa, the recipient takes care of himself. Some of the additionally needed accessories aquarists or aquascapers might already have at home.

Aquarium Plants – Color Atlas from C. Kasselmann – This meaty gift is made for the confessed aquarium plant lover. The book "Aquarium Plants "offers a unique collection of about 750 aquatic and marsh plants. More than 500 aquarium plants are presented in detailed portraits, and information is provided on a further 250 species, cultivars, and growth forms.

The book is available in two languages: English and German. You can order it directly from the author's website. Shipping within the EU is free of charge. Outside the EU, shipping costs EUR 8.

Are You Still Undecided, Or Pretty Late?

The Gift Card – The ultimate joker nothing wrong with that because there is hardly anything better for us aquascapers & aquarists than a free budget to spend. The Green Aqua Gift Card is available in three different values and is usually shipped the same day after purchase by GLS courier. Rest assured that if you need a gift quickly available, we can easily send you the Gift Card code. It will arrive to you by email immediately after we receive your payment.

Green Aqua Gift Card

Better Keep Your Hands Off These Things

There are things that an aquarist or aquascaper would prefer to pick out for themselves. These include more expensive items such as high-quality lighting and other technical equipment. Further, aquascapers & aquarists like to select their wood, stones, plants, and livestock. For the items just mentioned, we advise that you either invite the person to a shopping tour or take the likewise safe path using a Gift Card.

Need more help choosing a gift?

Our customer service will be delighted to assist you in choosing a suitable gift. We are also happy to help you with other questions about the aquarium hobby.

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