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Fighting Algae with Söchting Oxydator 3% - Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide

Fighting Algae with Söchting Oxydator 3% - Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide

A solution like the Söchting Oxydator 3% liquid is excellent for the aquarium's local and complete cyanoalgae (cyanobacteria) treatment. The product is also suitable for treating brush and beard algae. For green algae, a full aquarium treatment is usually required. If you are not sure what type of algae you are dealing with, please read this algae guide. To minimize the risk of overdosing, always use a 3% solution and never a more concentrated one. But why does this product work well? Söchting Oxidizer 3% contains stabilized hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), a powerful oxidizing agent. It can be used as a topical treatment to get rid of stubborn algae quickly and effectively in just a few days. If the infestation is too extensive and the treatment is to be applied to the entire aquarium rather than selectively, a slower effect can be expected. But patience is usually rewarded with success.

The recommended dosage depends on the type of algae

Cyanobacteria or Brush Algae treatment:

Add 8-15 ml of Söchting Oxydator 3% to 50 liters of water per day. The treatment should be carried out for a maximum of 7 days. It can be applied directly to the infested areas with a syringe. In this case, the filter must be stopped for a few minutes to allow the product to act locally and not be swirled by the filter flow. Or an immediate even distribution to the entire water column is initiated. For this purpose, the filter must constantly run.

Green Algae treatment:

Add 30-50 ml of Söchting Oxydator 3% to 50 liters of water per day. The treatment should be carried out for a maximum of 7 days! The addition into the water column is done while the filter runs to ensure even distribution.

What happens when Söchting Oxydator 3% is added to the aquarium?

Within a few minutes after addition, many tiny bubbles appear in the aquarium. This shows a normal effect and is part of the reaction. The bubbles are pure oxygen and, therefore, harmless.

Give the treatment enough time for the solution to reach its full effect. The cyanoalgae will react much faster and change color. As soon as you notice this, you can stop the treatment and make a water change of 30-50%. It is recommended to strengthen the filter bacteria afterward, as the hydrogen peroxide may have damaged them. We recommend the use of Seachem Pristine or another bacteria product. Green algae are slower to react and may not begin to fade until 3-4 days after the 7-day treatment. Once this time has come, you can change 30-50% of the water and again use Seachem Pristine afterward.


In case of a significant infestation, it is recommended to use Söchting Oxydator 3% in combination with Seachem Excel. Important always pay attention to the recommended dosage of the respective product. The two liquid solutions work well together, as the oxygen-reducing effect of glutaraldehyde (Excel) is well compensated by hydrogen peroxide.

Finally, please consider our information as a guide. You should check for yourself whether a product is suitable for use in your aquarium. Furthermore, it is advisable to check the manufacturer's instructions regarding dosage and, if possible, adhere to them. It is advisable to avoid applying Söchting Oxydator 3% in concentrated form to mosses or plants with small, fragile leaves. These plants are sensitive and can be damaged, just like algae.

Do you still have questions regarding Söchting Oxydator 3% and its application?

Our customer service will be delighted to answer your question. Further, we will help you with any other questions about the aquarium hobby.

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