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Aquarium Plants

Fast Growing Background Plants

Fast Growing Background Plants

Choosing the best plants is a considerable task for beginners and experienced aquarists. It might be a good starting point to divide the aquarium into three zones. Plant the background plants into the zone closest to the rear glass. The medium-sized plants go to the next zone in front of them. That will be the place for the plants you want to fix onto a decorative object. And finally, plant the so-called foreground plants in the zone closest to the front glass. This article focuses on the fast-growing background plants.

Aquarists often refer to them as "stem" plants. Although most background plants belong to this category, there is an exception: grass species that grow long, like Vallisneria or Echinodorus with huge leaves. However, the real "sprinters" are the fast-growing stem plants. Luckily, they are available in several colors and shapes, allowing everyone to find the best one in our store.

Why are these plants so popular?

One reason is that they can be of great help at the beginning when you fight against algae. Due to their fast growth, these plants suck away the nutrients from the algae and help you achieve a clean aquarium. Their spectacular development is proof of favorable conditions. Any halt in their growth is usually a sign of deficiency. Check the lights and the content of the plant nutrients. Do not allow stem plants to grow above water level. Once they have reached water level, trim them; otherwise, they will continue growing and spread upon the surface, casting shadows on the lower plants and depriving them of light. In the long run, that may cost the lives of the smaller plants. Trim the stem plants with confidence; it does not cause harm. It is even beneficial, as the parts that have been cut off, if pushed into the substrate, take root very quickly and live on as separate plants. It is fast to make the row of background plants denser and build an impenetrable jungle that acts as a “green” background behind the middle and front zone plants.

Use colors to define the mood of your aquarium.

Background plants are available in all red, yellow, and green shades. The plant list on this page can also be filtered by color. A good tip: Place the colors in a row to create harmony. A good choice can be an orange plant next to a red one, a yellow one, and a green one. A great visual effect can be achieved if you insert a single yellow or red hue into a row of green background plants. It makes your underwater garden look more varied.  

Leaf shapes and sizes add up to the variety of your aquarium.

Take a closer look at the shape of the leaves. Are they long or round? They all make an effect.
Think about the purpose of your background plant. Small-leaves species will make your aquarium look like the rear part is farther away. Plants with larger leaves will bring the background closer. You might choose plants with larger leaves if you are to keep fish that like to stay under this kind of leaf.

Apply background plants with confidence: they are not only useful but also spectacular. They are also usually easy to take care of.

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