DOOA NEO GLASS AIR - Create your tiny tropical jungle!

Building a new aquarium or re-scape your existing one is a relatively large task. It requires more planning and preparations, budget and we have to plan the weekly maintenance after the setup. Therefore, it is understandable that it is more difficult to dedicate ourselves and the required time for such creations.

Luckily, we don't have to throw away our plan if we desire something new during the year. Small aquarium glasses can be an excellent base for a tiny tropical forest, a unique atmosphere on your desk, or could be a great spot in your apartment. It requires neither water nor filtration, we need to spray it occasionally, and the plants will thrive in this humid environment under lighting.

DOOA NEO GLASS AIR glass offers an aesthetic "canvas" for such arrangements. Our tiny terrarium "floating" in the air giving a pleasant contrast from its surroundings. Due to the various sizes and proportions, you can build almost endless variations and enjoy all year round with minimal maintenance.

Build a moss terrarium just for decoration. Use your aquarium plants' leftover trimmings, or just a small orchid and some tiny terrarium plants along with some moss. You will see how much pleasure this miniature jungle will give!

If your plants require a more humid environment, a glass cover will help maintain proper humidity. We recommend Wabi Kusa Mist against pests and use WABI-KUSA Liquid to feed your plants.

Take the small finished jungle with you to the office, workplace, your children's room, or place it in a darker spot of the living room. Surprise your friends and colleagues with the finished little jungle! You will see they will love it and be grateful that it is so easy to care.

These small terrariums will decorate the interior with their unique appearance and have a calming effect on your daily lives. Follow the progress of your new creation, and don't forget to share later your finished design with us. We will share the most successful layouts on our pages in the future.