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Best Bite Fish Food. A real novelty in our range!

Best Bite Fish Food. A real novelty in our range!

We plant-loving aquarists already know everything about our plants. What nutrition they need makes them more colorful, vibrant, and energetic. But sometimes we forget that the fish in our aquariums also should get the best possible food.

But just like plants, ornamental fish are just as grateful for good care. We have already covered the different types of food available on the market and how they can be categorized in a previous article, so this article will not go into that. The question of how to feed has also been covered in more detail. Let's focus on when fish food can be considered reasonable. And most importantly, why is Best Bite Fish Food good?

Best Bite Fish Food from Green Aqua

Nutrient composition

Quality fish food has a high protein content. Raw materials of animal origin are always more expensive than those of vegetable origin. Of course, good fish food contains other raw materials besides the high proportion of animal raw materials. Therefore, the composition of raw materials on the packaging is worth checking. Best Bite Fish Food contains 56% protein, and as we know, protein is a rich source of nutrition. It is used to strengthen muscles, so protein is a real power food for all fish. Fat is essential as it is an important energy source and necessary for the absorption of specific vitamins. Still, too much of it is unhealthy as it can lead to organ damage and the premature death of our fish. It is, therefore, no coincidence that Best Bite Fish Food contains only 15% fat. It is also worth noting that calcium is an essential mineral for bone formation.

High amounts of vitamin A (IU/kg):14000) and vitamin D3 (IU/kg): 1354) have been added. Vitamin A is necessary for the growth of fish and strengthens their fertility, skin, and vision. Vitamin D3 is essential for adequately developing and preserving the skeleton and skeletal structure.

Granules - grain size

The most common and popular form of artificial food is granules. The fish accept it quickly, can eat it in one bite, and don't swim around with too large pieces in their mouths that they risk choking on.

Feel free to feed the smaller granules, as they are easier for your fish to swallow. Best Bite Fish Food comes in three granule sizes: Nano, Small, and Medium.

If you can't decide which size, it's always a good idea to go for the smaller grain size. If you bought too big granules (indication: the fish spit them out), try to crush them a little before feeding. After that, even smaller fish should be able to eat it.

Best Bite Fish food Green Aqua

Species-specific offering

The aforementioned content may not be suitable for certain specialized food-eating fish. Examples of such fish include algae eaters, plant-eating fish, mainly livebearers (guppies, mollies, swordtails, etc.). Additionally, Siamese fighting fish and bottom-dwelling catfish (Corydoras etc.) are also included. For them, we offer unique formulations of food.

Immediately sinking food

This includes three specific groups of food-consuming fish. The first group consists of algae eaters, such as Ancistrus, Ottocinclus, Plecostomus, and many other species. Best Bite Algae Wafer is specifically designed for them. It contains a high amount of spirulina, seaweed, other plant ingredients, protein, B12, A, and E vitamins, which are essential for specialized feeding fish. Feeding them strengthens their immune system, improves their condition, and enhances their colors. The 7-8 mm tablet-shaped food dissolves slowly, allowing later-arriving fish, snails, and shrimp to find it as well. It was important for the pellets not to be too large since often there are only a few algae eaters in the aquarium, thus avoiding overfeeding. Oversized tablets may not be consumed entirely, potentially affecting water quality. Another advantage of the smaller size is that in the case of multiple fish, if we sprinkle more, every fish has access to the food.

The Best Bite Wafer Mix fish food is visually very similar but completely different in terms of content. It is specifically designed for the second group of bottom-dwelling fish. The name "Mix" is not accidental, as the box contains three different types of tablets that vary slightly in composition. The goal was to create a food that allows bottom-dwelling non-algae-eating fish to have a varied diet. This includes corydoras, loaches, gobies, etc.

The third line of food is not designed for fish but for the increasingly popular shrimp in aquariums. Variety and high spirulina content were also important factors in their diet. The Best Bite Daily Shrimp is also a combination of three different tablets with distinct contents. This allows shrimp to have diverse access to higher levels of spirulina, protein, vitamins, and calcium. The 7-8 mm tablets can provide enough food for smaller shrimp populations without overfeeding. At the same time, we don't have to worry that if a larger Amano shrimp grabs a tablet, the less voracious or slower shrimp won't have access to it. The pellets dissolve slowly, preventing water contamination.

Environmentally conscious packaging

What has been reported so far about Best Bite Fish Food could apply to many other high-quality fish foods. However, we have tried to be innovative in a way that is not yet found in other fish foods. Best Bite Fish Food is packed in an aluminum can, which is much more environmentally friendly than a plastic can. In addition, the Best Bite can is refillable, and an environmentally friendly refill pack is available.

In addition, the aluminum can has a precisely adjustable dispenser, which is an excellent help in safely feeding the daily dose. Maybe you have also put way more fish food in the aquarium than you wanted. Well, such accidents are entirely avoidable with the Best Bite aluminum can.

Best Bite fish food by Green Aqua

Good price-performance ratio

The 175 ml jar contains 90 g of high-quality fish liver. It is worth looking around the offer, but in the premium fish food market 0.06 €/ml for granules is very cheap. Manufacturers who claim to be special indicate the weight of the feed not only in milliliters but also in grams. These two ratios indicate how much "substance" you are really getting for the product's price. Also, with Best Bite Fish Food, the ratio €/g is very favorable at 0.11 €. Because of the excellent nutrition content, our fish have to eat less of it to meet their needs. Better digestibility also means less excretion, which improves water quality! 

Why buy high-quality Best Bite Fish Food?

In addition to the reasons above, there is another reason to choose quality food. An average fish in a medium-sized aquarium eats 0.3 g of a 90 g Best Bite Fish Food fed twice daily. This means that for 3.37 € we bought food for 300 days. The cost of feeding one fish is 0.011 € per day. Let's be happy about this figure while our fish enjoy premium food.

Do you have more questions about Best Bite Fish Food?

Our customer service will be delighted to answer these and all other aquarium-related questions.

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