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Beautiful Plants with CO2 injection!

Beautiful Plants with CO2 injection!

One of the most significant differences compared to traditional planted aquariums is undoubtedly the addition of CO2. With the introduction of CO2 gas, the plants develop much faster, produce more leaves, and in most cases, the colors of the plants also change to their advantage. You can also find such aquariums in our showroom, as all our aquariums run with CO2.

The addition of CO2 expands the variety of plants that can be used. And we can choose from almost any plants on offer when building a new aquarium.

Sounds great?

Green Aqua bemutatóterem

CO2 SYSTEMS - Based on efficiency

If you haven’t seen such a system before, getting started is a little more complicated. Figure out what to add, how to assemble it, and how to use it safely.

Before talking about the possible options, it is worth mentioning that CO2 systems are more pricey. As a result, several intermediate solutions have emerged in recent years. Such is the yeast CO2 system, which is mostly used for small aquariums. You can test it at any time without significant investment due to the lower cost. The next step is the citric acid system, which allows for more efficient CO2 injection but compared to yeast, it takes approx—2-3x the price. The biggest shortcoming of these methods is stability and reliability, which is solved by traditional high-pressure cylinder CO2 systems.


WHAT ELEMENTS DO WE NEED for a complete CO2 system?

CO2 rendszer növényes akváriumokhoz

CO2 cylinder, pressure reducer, solenoid valve, CO2 tubes, bubble counter, CO2 diffuser, inline reactor, or external reactor.

The first half of the system is a relatively constant component, but the dissolution efficiency can vary greatly depending on the method used.


CO2 DIFFUSERS which one is the best for me?

In terms of material, we can find glass and acrylic CO2 diffusers. Acrylic diffusers are more resistant to physical stress. They are not as fragile as their glass counterparts. Glass is more aesthetic, here some premium models can be specifically decorative elements of the aquarium.

Aquario NEO CO2 diffúzor

CO2 Diffuser for small aquariums (10-30L). CO2 Diffuser for mid-size aquariums (60-100L). CO2 Diffuser for 100-250L aquariums.

For 300-400 liters, we usually use a different solution, although there is no doubt that larger glass diffusers also exist for this purpose.


CO2 REACTORS - The most efficient CO2 dosing

Növényes akvárium CO2 reaktorral

While CO2 diffusers are placed in the aquarium, CO2 reactors are fitted in the aquarium cabinet. The power of the filter is used for more efficient dissolution. They are significantly easier to maintain and provide the most stable CO2 levels in the long run.


CLEANING with cleaning fluids only

The CO2 diffusers are vulnerable to physical impact. Therefore, use cleaning fluids instead of brush cleaning or heavy rubbing. The following products are recommended for cleaning CO2 diffusers, reactors, and glass products.

pH controller növényes akváriumhoz

CO2 AUTOMATION? Highly recommended for large aquariums

If you are often away from home or do not want to monitor and fine-tune your CO2 level, you can also automate the task with a pH controller or aquarium computer. They are strongly recommended for use in larger aquariums because they help eliminate possible negative factors affecting CO2 dosing and guarantee a more stable, predictable operation.


ANY OTHER QUESTIONS? We will help you to get the best system for your needs.

If you are unsure about buying a CO2 system, please contact our customer service, and we will be happy to help. Although it is a little tricky to understand the whole system initially, we will realize that it's easy to use soon, and the aquarium plants will be grateful for the extra care.

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