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Aquarium heaters - The winter season has arrived. It's time to heat up!

Aquarium heaters - The winter season has arrived. It's time to heat up!

As winter approaches, aquarium heaters will appear more frequently. Although in most cases, this is not necessary for a planted aquarium, there may be exceptions. For example, we keep fish that require a higher water temperature, the water used for water exchange is too cold, or possibly a lower room temperature. The aquarium may be in an unheated environment, or we may keep the apartment's temperature lower in our absence.

Aquarium heater

If the aquarium water temperature is too low?

Persistently low temperatures cause stress for the aquarium fish, leading to disease. But in recent years, we have also observed that if the aquarium temperature is below 20C, the biological performance of the filter will decrease. Algae related to filtration performance, such as hair algae, appear. The phenomenon is due to the lower activity of the filter bacteria, which automatically disappears with increasing temperature.

Discus tank heater

What heating options can we find?

There are three types of heaters in general. Heating rods, which can be placed in the aquarium, sump filtration, or in a filter compartment. External heaters we connect to the filter pressure line. And the built-in heaters found in the filtration.

Oase Biomaster Thermo

Both solutions can be perfect!

Most heaters have an automatic thermostat. You set the temperature, and the heater switches on and off automatically during continuous use. There are also heaters preset to a fixed temperature that keep the temperature usually at 25C constant. This temperature is optimal in most cases.

Heat-tolerating plants

Choose the proper heating power for the task!

In general, we recommend heating rods output to 1 Watt per liter of your aquarium. Etc. 50W for 50 liters, 100W for 100 liters. This recommendation only works if you need to raise the aquarium water temperature by 2-3 degrees. If the room temperature is too low and requires a 5-10 temperature increase, it is worth thinking about at least two times this power. Please check the size of the heater to make sure it fits in your aquarium.

Exceptions to the above calculation are the external heaters and the heater built into the filter, which already has a power of 200-300 watts. Because the power is relatively high, the heater will turn on less frequently.

Aquarium temperature

It is worth investing in and buy better quality heaters from more reliable brands because if a thermostat fails can cause much more damage to the aquarium. Regardless, a thermometer will do an excellent job of periodic inspections.

Angelfish Aquarium

We will help you to get the best product for your needs.

If you are unsure about which products or equipment to buy, please contact our customer service, and we will be happy to help.


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