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Black Friday - 2021 November 26!


Up to 30% discount on Friday! Real discounts for over 3000 products!
  • All our prices will be automatically displayed with discounts on this day.
  • You do not have to use any coupon codes to get the discount.
  • The discount is different for all brands.
  • Attention! Due to high demand and the busy season, the shipping of the products might take a couple of days longer than usual.
  • If you order aquariums or cabinets, we recommend in-store pickup to avoid potential damages.
  • Production time for the Green Aqua cabinet is over 8 weeks now! We only accept cabinet orders for 2022, January-February.
  • Aquarium production time is 3-4 weeks if you order an item which is not on stock.
  • Please wait for our confirmation email before you pick up your goods personally in our shop. In-Store Pickup products will be stored for 7 days before your order is canceled.
  • With aquatic plants orders, if a plant is not available at the plant nursery, we will replace the missing plants from another brand if that is available or delete it from your order if the shipping time is unsure. We will contact you if you only ordered aquatic plants.
Use this unique opportunity, the last big sales of this year!
Promotion Conditions
Our Black Friday Sale has the following rules:
  • The Sale is only valid on November 26, 2021, from 0 to 24 hours CET., and is only valid for the products on stock!
  • The Special Prices are both valid for Webshop and Physical Shop orders!
  • Please note that we do not ship live animals, CO2 cylinders, or T5 tubes.
  • The Black Friday Sale can not be used with other Sale Offers, including coupons!
  • Black Friday Sale prices are calculated based on the Standard List Price, not the already existing Promotion Price.
  • This Sale overrides any existing Sale Conditions.
  • There are no Green Aqua Points awarded on this day!
  • The standard shipping price is unchanged.
  • The Sale is not valid for custom orders, custom-manufactured goods.
  • Sale only affects the products currently in stock. It is not valid for back-ordered products.
  • The discount is different for all brands.
  • The promotion is for end customers. We do not take orders from retailers. We reserve the right to cancel these orders.

Black Friday - 2021 November 26!

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