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Aquario Premium Neo Flow ver.2 L -17 mm

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Neo Skimmer.

Neo Skimmer is a product that applies Bernoulli's principle that the pressure is lowered when the flow rate is high. Performance can be adjusted by moving the part up and down and rotating it left and right. Simple operation of the parts. 

The oil film that has passed through the Neo Skimmer is crushed very finely and loses its flotation. Eventually, it enters the inlet of various filters and is biologically decomposed. 

Even with the weakest setting of the Neo Skimmer, there is almost no oil film.

1) Doesn't take up space.

Oil film removal devices and oil film removal devices connected to the inlet take up a lot of space in the tank, and colored devices damage the aesthetics. 

This is essentially contrary to aquascape. 

On the other hand, Neo Skimmer is a transparent PETG material with a minimal size.

2) No electricity required.

Neo Skimmer is the most eco-friendly product because it does not require extra electricity.

3) Small creatures do not get trapped.

Most skimmers and the oil slicker that connects to the inlet are trapped by many creatures. 

But the Neo Skimmer is unlikely.

4) It sucks the oil film more strongly

When passing through the Neo Skimmer, the flow rate is much faster than skimmers or the oil film remover connected to the inlet, so the Neo Skimmer's oil film suction capacity is overwhelmingly superior.

Neo Reliever

Neo reliever consists of a body and two wings. 

Since the degree of insertion of the blades can be adjusted, the intensity of the water flow can be adjusted. 

In addition, since it can rotate 360 ​​degrees, it is very free to change the direction of the water current.

1) Perfect water flow intensity control

In the case of the glass outlet, free adjustment of the water flow intensity is not possible.

The water flow intensity is reduced even if the body is not equipped with a wing, since the water flow is distributed widely to both sides. 

However, if you equip the wings, the effect becomes more dramatic. 

In particular, the less the blade is inserted into the body, the weaker the water flow.

2) Free direction adjustment of water flow is possible

In the case of the glass outlet, free adjustment of the water flow direction is not possible.

It is possible to freely adjust the direction of the water flow by rotating the body 360 degrees and adjusting the insertion depth of the blade. 

In particular, if only one wing is used, the water flow direction can be set in a specific direction.

Each filter has three roles in a planted aquarium. In order of importance:

It is the most important! Toxic and algae-causing ammonia in the aquarium must be decomposed. As fast as possible. Billions of bacteria growing in the filter convert ammonia into nitrite and then nitrate.

Nutrients (plant food and CO2) must reach the plants. Solid decomposition products should be kept afloat. Good performance is essential.

Solid decomposition products must be physically removed from the aquarium and decomposed in a filter or removed during cleaning.

For a filter to fully perform all three roles, it must meet several criteria. Ideally suitable to have a bucket of the right size to store the right amount of filter media. The filter material contained in it must be of adequate quality and variety. The pump in the filter must have sufficient capacity. The filter should be easy to clean so that the cumbersome process does not deter the aquarist from regular maintenance. Plus, the filter needs to be reliable; no one wants to flood a living room or office due to a cracked tap or joint.

Read more about our filter guide.

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NameAquario Premium Neo Flow ver.2 L -17 mm
Hose Size16/22 (17 mm)

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