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Aquario NEO CO2 - CO2 system

Neo CO2 is a combinational item designed to suply natural CO2 from stabilized metabolism of bacteria into aquarium. CO2 is essential to grow beautiful, healthy plants.

  • Continuous CO2 supplement for 50 days
  • Comes with high-quality acrylic diffuser
  • Contains 2 BioRefill sets.
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Ready to use

Below 20 °C bacteria stop producing CO2. For better result use Neo CO2 warmer. 


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What makes Neo CO2 different

1. Top-fermenting
Neo CO2 is fermented only on the side jelly and water meets, which makes proper amount of co2 production last longer as the micro-organism eats the nutrition jelly from the upside to the downside.

2. Reusable
Neo CO2 reproduces CO2, if only the jelly is still left with a simple process.

3. Delicate accessories
Neo CO2 basically offers 4 gadgets of hose, diffuser, cap, Bio refill , plastic sticker to help convenience for customers.

4. Exclusive ceramic diffuser
Neo CO2 basically offers exclusive ceramic defuser which helps making sophisticated Co2 bubbles. Simply washed and pre-permanent.

How to use

  1. Put 300ml of warm water (About 30℃. Hot water 50%+ normal water 50%) into the container.
  2. After closing the cap, shake at least 100 times until thoroughly mixed.
  3. 24 hours later, it turns into Jelly.
  4. Put in 1 package Neo co2 Bio.
  5. Put in 1 cup (about 200ml) of warm water ((40~50℃.)
  6. After caps connect the diffuser, then co2 comes out after a while
  7. When Neo co2 make a little co2 , only the upper water needs to be fully changed except the jelly.
  8. Process #4, #5, #6 comes along later on ( 7,8 process= Re-setting process)

Please follow the bellows for better use.

  1. When you put bio-refill and pure water 200ml into the container, please never shake the container. If not, the product’s content may leak out into the aquarium tank.
  2. The quantity of CO2 decreases slowly as time passes.
  3. The water upside the jelly smells of wine.
  4. Leakage of the products out into the aquarium is not good to fishes.
  5. Below 15℃, CO2 can not be produced.
  6. Even delicate adjustment and use of solenoid valve can damage the container.
  7. If bubbles from the diffuser go bigger, put it in bleach liquid for about 5 minutes and wash it with hot water 2~3 times. Then reusable.
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