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Aquaflora Staurogyne spec. ´Porto Vehlo´

Family: Acanthaceae
Origin: Brasilia
pH: 6.4-7
Water hardness / KH: 3-15
Temperature: 18-28 °C
Height: 15-25cm
Width: 5-10cm

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The Staurogyne spec. Porto Vehlo from Brazil is a little known species in Europe. It is named after the capital of the state of Rondonia in the western part of Brazil. This plant from the acanthus family (like Hygrophila) has very narrow, pointed leaves. Good lighting promotes creeping growth and even a light purple colouring to the leaves. After settling in, the plants grow into dense cushions. Occasional thinning of the shoots promotes a strong plant. There is little experience of cultivation, but the growth is slower than the Staurogyne repens. A good CO2 supply and adequate micro-nutrients are absolutely essential.

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Name Aquaflora Staurogyne spec. ´Porto Vehlo´
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Manufacturer Aquaflora
Color Green
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