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Aquaflora Rotala rotundifolia Orange Juice

This plant grows relatively fast so frequent pruning is recommended to keep it growing thick and prevent the bottom leaves from getting starved off of lighting.

Family Name: Lythraceae

Height: 8+ cm

pH: 6.5-7.5

Care: Medium

Light: Medium - high

Co2: 20-30ppm

Propagation: Cuttings

Growth Rate: Fast

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Rotala Yao Yai is an uncommon stem plant with leaves that range from bright red to pink hues.

It grows similar to other Rotala speices but the leaves have much more vivid coloration, resulting in a very pleasing mid to background plant depending on the aquarium it's planted in. Like all aquatic stem plants, Rotala Yao Yai can be repeatedly trimmed and replanted to create a lush thick bush, making it a perfect addition to any planted tank that demands color. Despite its colorful appearance, this Rotala can thrive in a wide range of tank conditions. However, to bring the best out of this plant, CO2, rich fertilizer and substrate is recommended.


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Name Aquaflora Rotala rotundifolia Orange Juice
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Manufacturer Aquaflora
Color Red
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