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Aquaflora Rotala sp. Nanjenshan

Rotala sp. "Nanjenshan" is a delicate fine-leaved plant originating from Taiwan, where it has only been found in a single location near Nanjenshan.

Family: Lythraceae
Origin: Asia
Height: 10-40 cm
Width: 2-5 cm
Light demands: mid - high
Temperature: 20-25 °C
Water hardness: soft - medium
pH: 5,5-8
Growth speed: medium

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Like R. wallichii, which is a little more difficult in cultivation, R. sp. "Nanjenshan" prefers soft water rich in CO2. Unhindered light and ample iron are important for the shoot tips to attain an intense reddish colour. Constant, well-planned fertilisation is crucial to prevent stunted growth and blackening. The plant may have some requirements, but it is not especially difficult in cultivation..

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Name Aquaflora Rotala sp. Nanjenshan
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