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Aquaflora Rotala indica In-Vitro Cup

Family: Lythraceae
Origin: India, South-East Asia
Height: 5-40 cm (depends on trimming)
Width: 5-10 cm
Light demands: mid
Temperature: 20-28 °C
Water hardness: very soft - mid hard
pH: 5-7
Growth speed: mid

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This new arrival was known as Ammania spec. Bonsai, but it is actually the "real" Rotala indica. This name was mistakenly used as a synonym for Rotala rotundifolia for decades. Unlike Rotala rotundifolia, the differences between the emersed and submerged leaves of this plant are hard to see. The oval to circular leaflets are densely packed on the stem and give a very ornamental appearance. The growth is always upright, which provides interesting design possibilities. The slow growth also favours placing it in the foreground or the mid-zone of an underwater landscape. A free standing group in a Hemianthus carpet looks particularly impressive.

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Name Aquaflora Rotala indica In-Vitro Cup
SKU 017056
Manufacturer Aquaflora
Color Orange
Növény típusa Medium
Akvárium típusa Mid-High Light - High Tech