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Aquaflora Pogostemon helferi Wicked

Height: 3 - 10 cm
pH: 6-7.5
Care: Medium
Light: Medium to High
Co2: Medium to High
Propagation: Cuttings
Growth rate: Medium

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An extraordinary selection of Pogostemon, originating form culture. It has a so-named fasciated vegetation point, so the stem is very broad and laterally flattened, as it is also known from certain cactus cultivars and the dragon willow. The crest-like stem is densely set with countless small leaves and shoot tips.



More Information
Name Aquaflora Pogostemon helferi Wicked
SKU 022463
Manufacturer Aquaflora
Color Green
Növény típusa Medium, Advanced
Akvárium típusa Mid-High Light - High Tech