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Aquaflora Micranthemum sp Montecarlo In-Vitro Cup

Family: Linderniaceae
Origin: Argentina
Height: 2 cm
Light demands: low-very high
Temperature: 20-29 °C
Water hardness: 2 - 12°dKH
pH: 5.5-7,8
Growth speed: mid

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Micranthemum spec. 'Monte Carlo' is a new, promising foreground plant. The name of this variety comes from the Argentinian city of Monte Carlo in the province of Misiones. In contrast with M. umbrosum, this plant does not grow upright, but creeps along the bottom as a cushion. This makes this new variety a very good alternative to Hemianthus callitrichoides 'Cuba', with much better growth habits. This new pearl grass is ideally suited for aquascaping and perfect for Nano Cubes.


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Name Aquaflora Micranthemum sp Montecarlo In-Vitro Cup
SKU 016998
Manufacturer Aquaflora
Color Green
Növény típusa Medium
Akvárium típusa Low Light - Low Tech, Mid-High Light - High Tech