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Aquaflora Bucephalandra Lamandau Mini Red

Family: Scrophulariaceae
Genus: Limnophila
Native to: South-East Asia
Area/height: mid-ground, -20 cm
Light: medium-high
Temperature: 18 - 28°C
Growth: slow
pH: 5 - 7
Water hardness:  soft
CO2: none-high
Propagation: stems

This new and rare plant is yet undefined. Like almost all species, the leaflets, which are just 1-2 cm long, sit radially on the stem. With a leaf width of just a few millimetres, the plant looks particularly delicate and decorative. With adequate lighting the plant displays considerable creeping growth.

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"Lamandau Mini Red" is a rare, attractive Bucephalandra form from the Lamandau region in southwestern Borneo. It is not yet determined to species. Our plants are not collected in the nature but propagated in nurseries and tissue culture. "Lamandau Mini Red" develops densely ramified rhizomes and has a low, bushy habit. The leaves are short stalked, elongate-obovate with wavy margin. They get about 3.5 cm long and 1 cm wide. Especially the young leaves show nice red-brown tones; older leaves are dark green. The plant regularly develops pretty inflorescences.As well as other Bucephalandras, "Lamandau Mini Red" is best placed on the hardscape (rock or driftwood) where it will attach itself by its roots. The growth is very slow. Medium light intensity, good CO2and nutrient supply and water current contribute to a vital appearance of the plant. It is easily propagated by cuttings of the main and side shoots. It can also be fastened to the ground, but the rhizome should not be buried in order to prevent rotting of the rhizome.

Bucephalandra sp. "Mini Red" is a recommendable epiphyte for the hardscape that looks more beautiful with age and bigger size of the stand.



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Name Aquaflora Bucephalandra Lamandau Mini Red
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