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AquaCare External CO2 Reactor 19/27 (20 mm)

The pressure side of an external filter or a pump leads to the upper connection of the reactor - the lower connection leads back again into the aquarium. With very strong pumps the reactor should be operated in the bypass. The CO2 bubbles from the bottom into the reactor - an extra bubble counter is not necessary, if the equipment is well visibly attached.

The higher the number of CO2 bubbles, the more the water is acidified. The ideal pH value is in a plant aquarium (amazon type) between 6,5 and 7,0.

Bypass line can be purchased separately!

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The AquaCare CO2 Reactor consists of PVC and can be fastened with two wall clip.

Reactor 1000 is a hermetically sealed unit for introducing CO2 into larger aquariums. This powerful unit can supply aquaria up to 1,000 litres with CO2.

With 19/27 mm hose connectors

Total height: app. 30 cm. Diamater app. 5 cm


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Name AquaCare External CO2 Reactor 19/27 (20 mm)
SKU 330-005-0010
Manufacturer AquaCare
Hose Size 16/22
Akvárium mérethez Below 50L, Below 100L, Below 150L, Below 200L, Below 250L, Below 400L, Above 400L