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Aqua Medic Arctic Breeze cooling fan (6 pack)

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Technical data Aqua Medic arctic breeze 6x:

  • spray water protected fans (IP 55)
  • silent long life fans, with ball bearing and brush-free motor
  • 12 V low voltage with an adjustable power pack (3 - 12 V). So the cooling power can be adapted to the water temperature.
    power uptake only 0.5 - 3 W per fan
  • fan diametre 60 mm
  • air volume per fan 40,000 l/h with 12 V
  • total air volume: 240,000 l/h
  • up to 19 mm glass thickness
  • dimensions: 40x4x15 cm

Aqua Medic arctic breeze are spray water protected fans (IP 55). Silent long life fans, with real ball bearing and brush free motor. Aqua Medic arctic breeze aquarium fans can easily be fixed at the aquarium frame. It cools down the water by increasing the evaporation. The complete construction is made from corrosion proof plastic and aluminium.

The fan battery Aqua Medic arctic breeze is attached on the aquarium edge in such a way that a constant air flow wafts over the water surface. This leads to an increased evaporation. The evaporation cold arising in this process cools the aquarium down by up to 4° Celsius. The fan battery is put on the aquarium edge and fixed with the Allen screws. It should be fastened in such a way that the fans blow air over the water surface - best in longitudinal sense. Due to the adjustable power pack, the fan speed can be adjusted according to the cooling needs. Normally, it will be sufficient to run the fans at a low level (3 – 4.5 V). Then, they are almost silent. At heat periods, the speed can be increased to 12 V.

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NameAqua Medic Arctic Breeze cooling fan (6 pack)
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ManufacturerAqua Medic
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