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Tropica Aponogeton longiplumulosus

Origin: - Madagascar
Type: - Bulbs and tubers
Growth: - Medium
Height: - 35 cm - 60 cm
Width: - 25 cm - 50 cm
Light demands: - 0.25 Watt per liter
CO2 demands: - 3-5 mg per lite

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Aponogeton longiplumulosus from Madagascar has large, fluted leaves (35-60 cm long), making it a wonderful plant which can be recommended for large aquariums (the whole plant becomes 25-40 cm wide). It is relatively undemanding, and makes no special demands on water quality. It also flowers frequently, making it a beautiful addition to any large open aquarium. It stops growing at regular intervals, but normally starts again after a few weeks of dormancy.
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Name Tropica Aponogeton longiplumulosus
SKU 33-089D-KN
Manufacturer Tropica
Color Green
Növény típusa Medium