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Aquarium Design

Aquarium design

Designing a layout is probably the most important and most creative process in aquascaping. It clearly is art. It needs focus, knowledge, experience and foresight. Our professional team will make sure that you have all the tools and info to build a stable aquarium - or even better: we will design it for you!

We can also build it for you! Our expert team will travel to your offices to set up your aquarium. We provide all the necessary tools and personnel - building a creation that will most of the times exceed your expectations. Our team takes pride in completing the projects in time, and superior quality.

Our care will not stop at the completion of an aquarium. We will follow-up with regular consulting and contractual maintenance. The maintenance plan is always customized to the clients' needs, but the basic plan will involve a weekly schedule. Your aquarium will always be crystal-clear.

Aquarium Design

Beginning aquascapers or bigger clients often ask us to design and deliver them a complete package. Our team will assemble a full price-quote to you with design plans and will deliver the goods right to your door. We only engage in this activity using quality products that will withstand the requirements of long-time operation and will serve full customer satisfaction. You will save a lot of time and money if you choose to design your aquarium with us. You will get premium quality and durability if your aquarium is fully provided by Green Aqua. Just let us know what are your general needs and we will come up with a full quote covering those needs. Email us or contact us by other means.

Aquarium Design


Who do we recommend our aquariums?

Due to their calming effect they are ideal for healthcare institutions - private hospitals, wellness centers, etc.

Due to their exclusive appearance they are best suited for offices, reception desks, lobbies, restaurants, hotels.

Due to their natural effect they will be visual centers for living rooms, kitchens and other private spaces.

All-inclusive, exclusive aquarium design, setup and maintenance

Project management

From creative design, to providing the necessary information, gear and plants. We do it all. Our existing clients will testify (their public satisfaction rate clearly indicates) that we act with full care, caution and sophistication. We always keep our clients' needs in our focus to produce a beautiful and exclusive underwater world inside their spaces.

We have acquired serious knowledge and experience throughout the years: we will plan and go through our projects with the general interior design in mind - the aquarium will be perfectly integrated in the environment. We regularly surprise our clients with our precision and speed of execution.

Main characteristics of our works:

  • Modern and clean image
  • Exceptional plant health
  • Completely algae-free environment
  • Strong shimmering effect due to strong lighting
  • Perfect, natural harmony of stone, wood, plants and fish
  • Precise visual composition and design
  • Unobstructed view - crystal-clear water
  • Unobstructed view - opti-white glass
  • Natural ecosystem, supported by advanced technology
  • Carefully chosen fish - generally just 1 or 2 types of shoaling fish
  • Due to oversized gear the aquariums are stable.
  • We emphasize on customer communication


Enthusiastic clients, who are ultimately satisfied with the end result will help us promote aquascaping in Europe. The Nature Aquarium hobby is gaining popularity due to the increasing number of clients. We are really proud to be part of this community.

Aquarium setup


Aquarium maintenance

After we have built an aquarium, we will also do its maintenance, if our customers require it. Obviously, doing regular maintenance outside Hungary should be a problem in the long run, but we can find and educate local partners to do the maintenance for us, so we can pretty much cover the EU region with our services. We have an extensive material on maintenance on this page.

Aquarium maintenance


Our portfolio

The Green Aqua and ADA Hungary team has built many exclusive aquariums - besides the 21 Gallery-fishtanks and contest works - for numerous clients. Besides aquascaping, our team is also into aquaponics, pond and saltwater projects.

This page is a collection of some of our external projects. It is not a complete list, we just selected a few works that we are especially proud of.

Bank of China

Bank of China - Budapest office

Premier Printing House

Premier Printing House

Parafix Hungária

Parafix Hungária offices

Ilpea Profext Kft.

Ilpea Profext Plastic Processing Ltd.

Zséda's aquarium

Hungarian singer, Zséda's aquarium - featured on Spektrum Home TV

Szandi's aquarium

Hungarian singer, Szandi's aquarium - featured on TV2

Kata Sarka and  Péter Hajdú project

Kata Sarka and Péter Hajdú project

United Shipping Kft.

United Shipping Ltd. office aquarium

We have a specialized aquarium design and maintenance site: Here, you will find additional information on our related services. Our works can also be viewed under the image gallery section of our homepage.