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ADA plant - Anubias barteri var. nana Petite In-Vitro S

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Origin: - Cultivar
Type: - Rhizomes
Growth: - slow
Height: - 3 cm - 5 cm
Width: - 5 cm - 10 cm
Light demands: - 0.25 Watt per liter
CO2 demands: - 3-5 mg per liter

Anubias sp. ‘Petite’ is a mutation which appeared in cultivation at the Oriental aquarium plant nursery in Singapore. Grows very slowly, and can be difficult to keep in healthy growth. Stays less than 5 cm tall and with a rhizome from 5-10 cm or more. It is most decorative when attached to stones or roots, and like other Anubias should be attached with fishing line until it gains a hold. A specialty plant which is ideal for miniature landscapes in small aquariums.

BIO Mizukusa no Mori - tissue cultured aquatic plants that have various features unlikeexisting aquatic plants. Everyone can enjoy aquatic plant layout more freelywith this range of living products from ADA.
Underwater forest expands in high quality tissue culture plants.
These aquatic plants are cultivated with a special nutrient medium. Quality is very high because of using a special cup that enables to maintain the condition from source to supply until it reaches the end customer. The vivid underwater forest spreads with easy process in every aquascape.
Four major features of BIO Mizukusa no Mori.
Aquatic plant grows without fail.
Please try BIO Mizukusa no Mori that has various characteristics.
Feature 1
Abundant product lineup from foreground plants to stem plants.
You can choose from standard aquatic plants to the latest aquatic plants based on personal preference.
Feature 2
Planting is easier than potted aquatic plants.
You can easily wash the media (gel) away and position the aquatic plant in the aquascape without damaging the roots of the plant.
Feature 3
The leaves of the aquatic plant develop quick and evenly and the rooting is also excellent.
As the aquatic plant is provided in a special container where humidity is maintained and there is exchange of gases the aquatic plant adapts easily from a semi submerged condition to a totally submerged condition very quickly. The root growth is also found to be excellent.
Feature 4
No harmful insects, pesticides and algae
You do not have to worry about harmful insects, hazardous pesticides and algae since the aquatic plants are grown in a clean sterile environment.
We advise you to wash away the media around the root zone of the aquatic plant with chlorine free water so as the prevent mildew and algae in the aquarium.

Most plants are marked "on stock" on our webshop. In case of some rare plants that are not so popular among our clients, we will place the order at the Manufacturers only after receiving an order for them. This means the shipping time will be longer, with just a few days.

How do all of the above affect the plant ordering process?

You will have to wait a maximum of one week before your plants are dispatched. If you will not get an automatic message that your package has been dispatched in 1 or 2 days after your order, back ordering your plants has started. Please wait until the manufacturers' shipments arrive, and you will be notified when your package leaves our warehouse. In some rare cases, the manufacturers might inform us that the requested plants are not available. We will contact you by email or phone to agree on replacing these plants with other similar plants or refunding their value - it will be your choice.

Green Aqua will ship orders containing plants on all weekdays. There are some extreme cases in the winter when the low temperatures at external warehouses - or packages left in trucks for the night - will not guarantee the safe shipping of plants. We use thermo packaging during winter, and our experience tells us that 99% of the plants arrive in good condition to our customers.

Important information for summer and winter transport!

We also pay special attention to the proper condition of our plants when ordering our aquarium plants and storing the received plants, including proper tempering, plant fertilizing, and care. However, we cannot influence the conditions of home delivery. Therefore, in winter, especially in frosty weather and hot summer days, we prefer to buy plants in our store. During home delivery, plants can be damaged by extreme weather conditions and time spent in the transport company’s trucks. If you are unsure of your order, our team will be happy to help you with the current transportability of your plants.

Read more about ordering plants.

More Information
NameADA plant - Anubias barteri var. nana Petite In-Vitro S
Weight (kg)0.400000
ColorDark Green
Placement / PositionForeground
CO2 demandCO2 not required
Plant typePlants on decor
Growth RateSlow
Light DemandLow

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Please be informed, we charge an extra 10 EUR / aquarium on all aquarium orders for special packaging and care within the shipping fee.

Our goal is to deliver the plants as quickly as possible to your address, so we are making regular (two times per week) orders to our partners and will send you the fresh plants with GLS as soon as they arrive to us. We also have a uniquely high stock, with hundreds of plants. Please read our terms and conditions.

We would like to inform you that according to the EU regulations we are not allowed to ship live animals or dangerous goods (such as CO2 bottles in example) through our delivery partners. Please note that these can only be picked up at our store. The list of the dangerous goods on sale by Green Aqua can be found here.

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