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ADA ECA - 500ml

Plant colour-loss is a commonly observed problem in planted aquariums. In most of the cases, this is caused by deficiency of iron in the aquarium water. ECA, rich in iron in a form which does not easily combine with other ions, prevents colour-loss and improves the condition of aquatic plants. Also contains various natural organic acids.

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ECA contains rich iron and organic acid promoting the nutrient absorption process of plants.

It is highly recommended for treating color-loss of plants.


To prevent whitening of aquatic plants and improve the reddish stem plants, add 2 drops of ECA per 5l of aquarium water once a week.

For preventing the whitening of plants, or enhancing the growth of aquatic plants add 1 drop of ECA per 20l of aquarium water every day.

In order for supplement Potassium and trace elements, we advise to combine with Brighty K and Step 1.

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Name ADA ECA - 500ml
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