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ADA Clear Water 200ml

CLEAR WATER is an additive for eliminating cloudy and yellow water that are often observed during initial setup phase. It also has an effect of eliminating phosphate in aquarium water, helping inhibit algae growth and promote an environment conducive to healthy growth of plants.

By applying CLEAR WATER into planted tanks, it suppresses algal growth and helps to maintain the planted tanks easily.

Use 1 pump (1ml) for every 10 liters. The new Aqua Conditioners have an easy-to-use push-type nozzle.

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Nature Aquarium uses Aqua Soil made of natural soil for its substrate. During initial setup, fine soil particles are suspended in water and cloudy water is sometimes caused. This problem usually resolves over time, but cloudy water may prolong if a large amount of soil particles entered the filter or when cloudiness or green water occurs due to free living bacteria and free floating algae. The new Clear Water is an Aqua Conditioner that flocculates and eliminates particles causing water cloudiness. It has higher flocculating effect compared with Clear Dash in the previous Aqua Conditioner series.

By applying one pump (1 mℓ) of Clear Water for every 10ℓ of aquarium water, the cloudy water will turn into clear water in a short time. Clear Water is highly effective and thus you need to be careful as to how to use it. Immediately after applying Clear Water that flocculates alkaline substances, the pH level of aquarium water declines temporarily and the water becomes more acidic. This can affect the fish that are sensitive to pH changes. Furthermore, the flocculating effect causes sediment which can enter fish gills and affect the respiration of fish having sensitive gills. For this reason, Clear Water should not be used for the aquariums with ancient fish species or large fish. This product can be used together with Brighty K, which is alkaline, with the aim of achieving higher flocculating effect. However, this particular approach is only available for aquariums with no fish or shrimps. Clear Water is also effective for improvement of water yellowing caused by driftwood and removal of algae-causing phosphate. Make sure to follow the instructions when using this product.

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Name ADA Clear Water 200ml
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