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2hr APT Jazz - 54 pcs

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The best root fertiliser for planted tanks. Thicker, fuller growth forms with superior algae control. Nitrate Limitation made easy.

Provides a powerful visible growth boost, even to the most demanding plants. Unparalleled Nitrate Limitation ability unlocks the deepest possible reds in popular plants.

Place capsule directly under the root zone of the plant you want to fertilize. Place at least 3cm /1.2" deep. Add 1 capsule per 2.5 inch2 / 16 cm2 bush of plant. Always change water after replanting / adding APT Jazz. This removes surface detritus, which is the #1 algae trigger.

Observe the impact in new leaves after 7 days. Root absorption takes longer than uptake through leaves. Old leaves do not rejuvenate. 

Nitrate Limitation unlocks the deepest possible reds in Rotala rotundifolia and many of the hobby's most popular plants. This technique involves root-fed macro nutrients, coupled with low nitrates in the water. Existing root tabs either do not contain sufficient root-fed macro nutrients, or do not effectively retain nitrogen within the substrate. Once leeched into the water, nitrate limitation fails. APT Jazz was specially engineered to retain potent ammoniacal nitrogen within the root zone. Enjoy the power.

APT Jazz was engineered to give fuller growth forms and stronger growth, even to the hobby's most demanding plants. A boost that endures over 2 months. Conventional root tabs derived from terrestrial osmocote type fertilisers typically provide a quick boost for the first 2-3 weeks. In addition, some terrestrial 'osmocote' fertilisers damage aquarium substrate over time as the contents of trace minerals used in terrestrial agriculture is often unsuitable for closed aquarium environments.

Many aquatic root tabs are derived from terrestrial 'osmocote' type fertilisers. They can be strong growth boosters, but often induce dangerous spikes in ammonia, which trigger algae and can kill fish and plants. Tissue-culture plants are especially vulnerable.

APT Jazz is 100% designed for aquatic use, with no unpleasant suprises.

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Name2hr APT Jazz - 54 pcs
Weight (kg)0.300000
Manufacturer2hr APT

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